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This site is totally, 100% self-indulgence… I mean, it’s my site, named after me, with all my shi… um, content, herein. Self indulgent, sure. Narcissistic, I don’t think so. Just writing, and some random thoughts, and maybe some talk about what I’m doing, have done, want to do, hope to do, will likely never do, oh, and probably even some pictures… but no selfies… probably. 😉

Eclipse 2024 with the family
Solar Eclipse in the North Eastern USA, April 2024.

Comments will likely remain disabled for the foreseeable future, not because I don’t care what you think… well, maybe that… but mostly because I don’t have the time to respond, because I would respond, and it would take over my life, I know it.

So for now, read, if you want, and if you really need to comment, send me a message, and I may respond, and I may even post what you send in a brand new category if it’s just so amazing and beautiful I think it should be there for all to see… or, I may not… just being honest.

Of course, If it happens to be business or band related, please follow the pertinent links and fill out the contact forms on those specific pages, and I most definitely will respond (to all relevant inquiries), and I will immediately delete anything spammy or salesy* (*not a word, but whatevs).

We cool? Awesome.

And remember, I love you. For real. Peace. 🙂 xo

RE: Re

I feel I must mention, for those of you who never had music class as a kid, or are not of ‘Latin’ descent, you may not realize that the the proper, phonetic pronunciation of ‘Re’, when not capitalized with a colon and used in a document as ‘Regarding’, ‘Real Estate’, or something or other, is ‘RAY’, and rhymes with pay, slay, day, way, may, fillet, touché (w/o the acute accent)... but you get the picture.

I mentioned music class because it is the best example: Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti… also know as the ‘Ionian‘ scale.

or you could say: Joe-Re-Owes-Me-Lotsa-F*ing-Dough (thanks Dave C.)

…that works too! HA!

The origin of the name is Sicilian (Italian – although my family came from Spain to Sicily in the 1500’s with the name Rey – Spanish spelling, same meaning – and dropped the ‘y’ and changed it to the Italian version sometime thereafter).

The name means ‘King’…for example: nella corte del Re (in the court of the King) … and that is where you are, so please, behave. 😉

Carnevale di Sciacca - joere.com
Carnevale di Sciacca – Sciacca, Sicilia – 2014