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333. That’s it.

This is a composition made up entirely of digital samples, including vocals by the name of ‘Andre’.

I like to imagine (and by imagine, I mean actually executing) an arrangement of amazing players and vocals, all by my own whims and disposal… It’s quite fun! 😉

Some ‘purists’ may call it cheating, or EDM is garbage, it’s not real music, blahblahblahetc… IDGAF. Ok.

I can play. I can sing. So what. I am interested in the pure enjoyment of being creative with the tools at my finger tips. Did I mention fun? We all need a bit more of that these days, no?

Anyway, Happy New Year. 2021. Be creative. Have fun.

Notes: Created using GarageBand 10.x, built-in and additional sample packs, dynamic drummer & synth sequencer.