Les Paul Sample

Sample video made to show (in the simplest terms) the Les Paul Deluxe play-ability (sloppy chops not withstanding) – I’m the singer, NOT the guitarist! HA! 😉

If you are here, you may be interested in buying this guitar. Message me from whence you came, or, send a message from the Contact page on this site.

Either way, thanks for checking it out.

Notes: Backing track was done in Garage Band also with this guitar (also by me). Slightly less gain, neck pickup, a little reverb but otherwise dry. Connected through a Fender Mustang DSP amp into a Beringher mixer, no digital FX applied.

1969-71 Les Paul Deluxe, SD JB SH-4 in the bridge*, original mini humbucker in the neck, Spiegel locking tuners, no pick guard, all original wiring. Appraisal docs upon request.

*The bridge humbucker was not covered until recently. I put the chrome cover and creme ring, to give it a more vintage look (not to deceive, just because I prefer it). I have the original tuners and bridge pickup.