Another Day

Well if you look around what do you see

Do you see the forest through the trees

Or are you blinded by the pretty lights in your eyes


But if you listen closely you might start to believe

That all those things that are made

Are made for you, you see


It’s just another day for you to be fooled

It’s just another way that you can be ruled

You say you wanna be free, well you’ll never be

Until you start to believe this ain’t the way it’s supposed to be

Until you open your eyes, and see


See what I mean, it’s all around you

Just got to reach out and touch it, hold it, feel it

We’re all made of it

You can taste it on your lips if you try


It’s the stars in the sky

It’s the dirt on the ground

It’s in the sound when a child asks why

(the look on the face of a child when they ask why)

(lyrics) circa 2010+