Dear Everyone

(letter, word for word) written Oct 10, 1979 (Pembroke School, Danbury, CT)

Dear Everyone on Earth,

I’ve had it with all this pollution that’s going around, the world’s getting blacker every day. By the time I grow up I won’t be able to see my hand in front of my face!! I wish the people on Earth would listen and stop polluting. What the factories should do is put filters on their smoke stacks and car dealers put them on unsold car mufflers.

But some people don’t just pollute the air by their mufflers and smoke stacks, they pollute the lakes, rivers and oceans by throwing all kinds of junk into them.

It would make me, and probably the rest of the world feel better, if we could just stop polluting. Maybe some day we will.

Yours Truly,

Joe Re