From Behind

So now you’re mesmerized you do just as you’re told
with every blinking glimpse you are covertly bought and sold
the beauty falsified made just for you and me
you’re paying with your soul while they assure you that it’s free

if you look closely you might just find (but if you look closely I know that you’ll find)
all these images are messing with your mind (all this ignorance is messing up your mind)
if you just sit there complacent and blind (so while you just sit there complacent and blind)
you let the dirty dealers sneak up from behind (you let the dirty bastards sneak up from behind)

so now another chance has come for you to run
go out with the other kids just to have some fun
gotta live your life and make the party never end
smoking up sucking face and drinking with your friends

(you’re gonna take it from behind)
(you let them take your mind)
(you give it, they take it, before too long it’s gonna break it)

so now you’re hypnotized like an undead zombie freak
tv signals radio waves have slowly made you weak
remote controlled you can’t stand you can barely say
I didn’t need this shit not tomorrow not today
so now you looked more closely I know just what you found
uncontrolled consumerism will put us in the ground
so if you simply sit there complacently and blind
these dirty mother fuckers are gonna sneak up from behind

(you’re gonna take it from behind) – (they’re gonna try to rape your mind)
(they’re gonna sneak up from behind) – (and rob you blind)

turn off the tv and free your mind now
cut the cord of the media propaganda
turn off the tv and the fuckin radio
open your mind to a new kind of thought
speaking to you, it’s coming through… it’s comin thru.