Last Place

Tasteless fiction on the lips of the ones you miss to kiss

The earth shakes bone and glass made the choice it came to pass


Do you see what you wanted to see is it new or just the same old game

It’s such a shame will you be what you wanted to be

Is it you or just a face without a name now who’s to blame


I was caught no thought flashing lights in my face

Then the word spread the town there was no one around to see the look on my face when I fell to last place

There was no reason no rhyme just a total disgrace

And the chorus that chimed just fell deaf in its place

How could you lose your mind such appalling bad taste

And leave the ones behind that would have stood in your place


Mindless torment on the soul of the ones you miss to hold

The heart is weak sad to feel the one you lost the one for real

(lyric/stream) circa late-1990s