Metro from NYC

Yeah, look up, the sky is coming down, don’t frown

All this time you been acting like a clown

So now you’re gonna give up, live up to the expectations of your failure

Your jailer lives inside your little mind, unkind, you’re blind

It’s not like you’ve been using time, wisely

You’re wasted; it’s nothing like the fame you thought you tasted

Came up and fell so hard it felt as though it shattered

What mattered (is) are all but just the pieces that were scattered

That pride you cling to now is torn and tattered bashed and battered

You cry but everyone you stepped on is just laughing

And what you’re having is a breakdown worthy of a clinic in the country

So soothing to bounce off rubber walls, just like the old days

When mama locked you up and said you can’t play, just go to church and pray until the train comes and while you’re lying on the tracks thinking back into those times you should have fought instead of run, even staring down the gun, the powder burned your hand, now you’re on the run again

If someone listened when you said, you felt like you were dead

See the sweat pour down the face of this human’s race designed for rats instead of men chasing cheese inside a box, in a maze, electric shocks

Take a wrong turn, bleeding edge finds you, standing on a ledge outside a window of your soul, thousand feet in a hole and you’re back where you began reaching upward for a hand but the sand thrown in your face blows you back in disgrace… so the hand becomes a claw digging deep into your jaw tears your face right off your head, now you’re dead, just like I said.

Corrupted in the heart of the soul

Bleeding at the feet of a fool

Could you get a look at it all

Does it make you feel so small

I don’t have time to make this

What is it you want of me

Speak it loud and state this

What is it you’re sucking from me

I cannot seem to shake this

What is it you’re stealing from me

Stop shaking your head

What are you trying to get out

While you’re upstairs lying in bed

I’ve got to get out


(stream of consciousness) circa 2000