Nothing At All

It’s just another day searching barely / finding my way back home
I been shut down thrown out beat down / just trying to find some hope
tried to warn them tell them all / that the walls are coming down
all the things that were said you know / those words don’t mean nothing now

Now it’s outta time shut down clock hand / just keeps ticking on
but it’s a destruct construct built up / by the hands of fools
bunch of monkeys runnin round swinging clubs / beating on our brothers heads
and if it don’t change real soon just a thought
we’re all gonna end up gone

But you don’t hear (see) me
I don’t see (hear) you
we don’t give one single second thought about nothing… at all
(we don’t give a god damn mother fuck…)

oh so now I see you rise up write down / all the things your gonna do
still you sit there big chair screen glare / the revolution’s starting soon
takes so much time freeing minds must be / something better to do
maybe take a break it’s too true you wanna / have your cake and eat it too