Sex Drive

Slithering shaking snaking wanting in the air the stench of lust is haunting

Overdose getting close blood is pulsing in my head in my bed I want you under me; Heat as it rises becomes my reality, pain from the past brings on the insanity, sweat feel it drip down from my humanity, power over you and what you claim to be…

Fondling licking sticking burning in my head should there be a lesson I’m learning

Sticky sweet off your feet on your tummy I’m turning

Will you scream won’t you cry you love me in the morning


Let’s walk down to the park underneath the trees, lay it on the grass

Let’s fly to the sun and back down to the sea, won’t you follow me

Let’s fuck until our bodies ache our skin is raw and we can take no more

We can love until the heavens fall to the time the world is dead

Do you realize what I’ve said?

(stream) circa mid-1990s