Stars behind the stars

Have you seen the stars behind the stars,
when the lights of the city don’t cause you to pause,
the black of the night gives way to the light,
in the sky high above,
into space so vast,
the light that you see has long since past.
A blanket of stars lays across a pitch sky,
and you stare and you wonder and ask yourself why,
in an expanse such as this
what am I doing here,
what is the reason,
it’s not really clear.
But does that matter, no, not really at all,
even though you lay there and feel quite small,
a blip in time and infinite space,
spread across the eternal at incredible pace.
Yet here you sit,
maybe a piece of some plan,
you’re part of it all, held right in your hand,
made of stars, dust and echoes of light,
look up in the sky, on this clear dark night.
Beyond the simple form you take,
outside the normal life you make,
will you build,
or will you break,
strike a balance,
you know what’s at stake.
Look up at the stars and just ask why,
or what, or who, no matter, just try.
Because when you look out there,
you’re looking inside,
and that’s where all the answers reside,
and once you can feel it you’ll never ask how…
because tomorrow’s unwritten,
and yesterday’s gone…
so you just might realize,
all we have
is now.

– Inspired by a beautifully clear night sky, and a 4:30 am walk outside. Have a great day!