A Sunny Day Deception

Rock me hard this brothas getting loud / Time to get wild getting off the crowd

People getting loose nothing left to lose / shaking ass hard mothafuckas feelin proud


Lifitn up that skirt lets take off that shirt / if I had a hundred I’d make you go to work

Stop askin why I know you ain’t this shy / if every woman had that ass I think I’d start to cry


Putting it down I’m comin back to town / if the money aint waitin bitch I’ll tear the fucker down

Get off my porch mother fucking money whore / is my blood enough or you think you’ll need more


Launder my soul for a pot of gold, so I’m told

Give me the chance to feel the sun on my face, when I’m old

It’s so cold in this place, where’s the fire

Why did I fall in this trap, my desire


what is it you say

why is it you feel this way today

what is it you’ve done

why must you always be on the run

why can’t it be real

why can’t I feel the way I wanna feel

wouldn’t it be fun

to send the demons on the run


a sunny day reception, looking back through the shadows on your eyes

a blinding reflection, of what you chose to leave behind

more or less perfection, in this imperfect mess becoming us

becoming who you know as they, but those who are they become nothing less

than nothingness


a sunny day deception, shadows, looking back through the clouds on your mind

a blinding reflection, of what you chose to hide

(lyric/stream) circa 2000s