Take My Wings

You’ll find it in there sleeping in silence

Drifting far from the conscious balance

Forlorn and love lost if only you’d listen

To be free of the maze it traps you and taunts you

Turning a corner the mirror reflects time

Passing in glimpses


But just for an instant the curtains thus rise

The minstrel commences

Now as it rises emergence from dreams lost

Twisting your faith leave your mind

When the spirits talk


Would you just once cross past a dimension

Where you could not have what they could not mention

The burning affliction dark haunting condition


Sad mortal songs could not deaden the substance

Of one fateful life in which you had loved once


Come hear my song I’m singing it for you

If you’d listen you’d know that it was true

Come take my wings I’m giving them to you

(stream of con) circa 1990s

(This piece was written into a song called ‘Affliction’ in 2009 – music by Dean Robinson & Dave Aaron)