The Creeper

So once again I find you and you’re sitting and you’re thinking
What is it you need to do…

Should you run and should you hide or should you cry
I sincerely doubt you thought it through…

It’s just another case of setting free, when the key
should have been thrown away…

So now I’m here and here I’ll stay so wipe your tears
It’s time to… play

So once again I find you and you’re pleading and you’re praying
to your god who never came…

Should you scream or maybe fight or should you kneel
I simply think it’s all the same…

You might just find we’ll pass the time as hours die and demons fly
to set me free…

So now you’re here and here you’ll be so check your fears
It’s you and….

*I crawl through, the dark and dirty spaces
With no hope of coming home
I set fire to warm and soft embraces
A blistered soul that’s burning, burning cold….

Can’t you, see me / can’t you hear me
Behind the glass I plead, kill me.