Almost Gone

Another night I’m fighting with the cat again

Know I’m right but still I know I’ll never win

Scratched deep I’m bleeding from my heart again

Almost gone I feel my soul is wearing thin


Is this a bad time did I catch you in a state of mind

Tying the rope tight enough to choke

Was it the wrong line because I didn’t say I had a pleasant stay

What do I care you’re screaming it’s just not fair


Stop lying in a puddle of your tears all these years I can’t take it need to break it but you sit there looking sad and so lost what would it cost just to stay another day might just cost me that last cell in that brain I knew so well what the hell everyone dies you can see it in the eyes of the people on the street sinking deeper as they meet all just puppets on the string who believe in anything just turn on the glowing screen you’ll see exactly what I mean all the stories sound so real turn your back and they will steal all that pride and dignity all at once you thought was free now you’re looking back to see where you left it in the road bought and sold high priced black market slave and still you tried to be so brave just too bad you had to fall no this won’t do at all you’re so tall but you’re weak no strength to speak what would you say anyway that this is all a big mistake that if you bend much more you’ll break


(stream) circa mid-1990s