Price of Fame

What has become of the ones that I knew, before the world was upon me

Why have I traveled so far to forget, true feelings of love and sympathy

Great walls of stone and pillars of steel, encase the lost soul that beckons me


Will I ever return to the time that was free, in my world it has yet to be seen

Old friends grow older as their images fade, and the matter of time now confronts me; what is the cost of trial and error? How high is the price I have paid? Tell me the worth of money and glamour, what is the price of fame.


Closer to love than I’ve ever been, so hard for the spirit t be free

Allowing soul masons to build up the walls, so protected from those who would harm me (all those around me)


As I run from the comfort into the cold, the wind burns my face as I ride

No looking back to see the damage that’s done

Just the souls that were attained by the blood of fools’ pride

(stream) circa mid-1990s