As I wake I raise up from the pillow, and what I see outside my window

Scores of people gather watch children laughing

What’s the scene is it really happening

How could this arise on such a bright day

The sun it shines on this madness


How can sensible people let this happen / Has it come to be in fashion

I want to turn I must hide my eyes from it / I am drawn deep into it


As I start to yell out of my window

My voice is seized just left in limbo

The heads they turn eyes filled with blank gazes

As if to speak of their own amazement

What is witnessed now cannot be spoken

Into words as dreams are broken


Now we’ve reached the ending of our story / And now we know it’s just like history

If we do not learn we will repeat it / Those mistakes they will deplete us


Do you need to know what just happened

Look into yourself you’ll find the answers

Don’t ever ever ever ever let it happen again

For your future


(stream) circa 1990s