Open your eyes

Is what you see your reality

Or just a dream

Don’t think you understand what it is

That I mean

Stop looking around like you’re gonna find your way

Maybe on a better day


Close your mouth / Does what you say help to edify

Or just confuse / I’m so very sorry that you

Had to lose / All those things that were given to you

(and had it all taken away)


so sad so lost so alone

isn’t it time you’ve given back all the things you’ve taken


don’t look at me with that look on your face

nothing to me but a goddamn disgrace

Reaching down, sinking in, finding out, what this is


I am no one, I am high strung, these are my words

You are the last to have heard

I’d rather kill myself than be with you again

What’s that you say you want to be friends

I’d rather kill you and be myself again

Hear this I’m free and that’s how it ends

To dwell in the past is to die in the present

(lyric/stream) circa early-2000s