Half in the Bag

Once again it’s a shock to the system / All the lights are flashing in the red

Overload circuit ready to blow out / Time to wake up might be dead

Clock is ticking gotta get to sleep now / Spinning like a top trying just to come down

Waitin’ for some friends might have just missed ‘em / To throw down a line and pull me in

What’cha gonna do when you’re half in the bag

You say it’s ok to tell a lie or two

What’cha gonna do when you’re half in the bag

You’re gonna need someone looking after you

Gone too far, far as you can go / Past the point where there’s no return

Anytime the blood pump is gonna detonate / Beyond the limits nothing left to learn

Time to step back into reality / Unless you like the thought of being food for worms

Get it together take a place in this society / Think for yourself don’t listen to fools

Realize it’s time, time to draw the line

Cold snap freezing, just keep kneelin, mind is reelin, black lung breathin

Hot flash steamin, can’t help feelin, skin starts peelin, fresh air feelin

Freeze dry my head, legs made of lead, time to shed, now yer dead

(lyrics) circa mid-1990s