Super Ego

Trapped in a world you didn’t create

Bound up by chains you can never break

What did you do to deserve such a fate

Well, you were born…

Welcome to the world as it is

Just ask big brother, what’s mine is his

Don’t try and change it, Think you’ll rearrange it

Get on your knees and you might just make it

With time served justice is farce

The smallest spark the fire burns hot

Guillotine blade falls on the mark

But what it is now is what it was then

But we couldn’t believe we wouldn’t stand still

So now what its become runs the fast lane to hell

[ (this was crossed out in the original)

Here and now money’s no problem

conglomerate rules and no way to stop them

lay down your number and you’ll have what you wanted

try to cry for mercy sob and beg and plead

but what once was controversy

is all the proof you need


(lyrics) circa early-1990s