Live to Lose (Born to Choose)

Come with me we’re gonna walk for a while we’re gonna talk and smile about

What we hate; it’s never too late

Isn’t it real to say what you feel but what do you conceal (In your soul, is it under control)

Behind the iron fence that borders your soul

keeps you under control

makes you stay in the game – but do you know your name

Hey I said you, do you live to lose

You were born to choose

Oh what’s the answer

Written in the book

I’d like to have a look

Before I buy (before I die)

Please be aware that’s there’s seconds to spare

Got to run along time to hit the road got to carry the load

Left for me by my father but he didn’t bother

To show me the ropes but had high hopes

I would survive to make the dream stronger

Many years longer than my dead brother

Wouldn’t you be pissed if we were nothing more

Than atoms in a universe in the toenail of a dog

Wouldn’t you be scared if there was something more

Than what you see around you

Than what’s outside the door

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could find a way

To accept our fellow man and live on into old age

The story begins once upon a time

In a world where we all had power to fly

(lyric/stream) circa mid-1990s