Close Enough

Spin it up, spin down, kick it around

Too much time spent coming down

Look up not down funny sound

Buzzing in your ear what fears

Close enough to touch not feel

It’s real but not enough to close the deal

Make a non-believer believe it’s real


Shouldn’t have to beg / Shouldn’t have to plead / Shouldn’t have to get down on my knees


Turn it up get down move around

Too much time standing still

Don’t ask don’t tell all is well

In my little world my little hell

Then again I don’t really think I wanted

To talk to you about it

All I really wanted is to be inside and counted


If I run if I hide if I stay locked up inside

Will you come looking will you care

Will you ask if someone’s there

Will you look around and say

It seems much emptier today

(lyrics) circa mid-1990s

It’s just another late night

Feelin a little hard core

Don’t ask me if I wanna fight

Just ask me if I want some more

It’s just another brain freeze

Just another mind fuck

Don’t look at me like you know my name

I get the feeling you’re outta luck

(stream of con) circa late-2000s