On the Run

Here we go feel the surge as it begins, gates open as the power rushes in

Such a force you’ve never felt before, burned to your soul ‘til you just can’t take no more…


All the times you were left standing alone out in the rain

(The times you were left crying alone dark in your shell)

Waiting for your savior to carry you away

(Waiting for your savior to save you from this hell)

All the words left unspoken, good deeds never done

All the promises were broken, and now you’re on the run


Oh no what is it now you say you’ve had your fill

Of all the no account mother fuckers who call themselves your friends

Goddamn it makes me ill


Bring it on I can take every bit you got

Think I’m nice think again cause you know I’m not

So tell me know do you feel all safe, secure

One more look and you might not be so sure

(lyrics – Speed of Sound) circa mid-2000s