Rise Above

There it’s not there, share feelings unfair

How does it split right through the middle

Why would you struggle not to care

Should it be this or somehow that

Should it be here or some where over there


Try to choose but it’s not a simple fact

Tow the line spreading thin the skin

That does react to the state of the mind we’re in


Nothing like the soul pulling hard

Grabbing the heart when it’s time to part

Nothing like the walls caving in but

You’ve been through all that


It’s just a life led and fed through a series of dreams better left unsaid

‘til the notion of one enters into the head now you see only this but what did you miss when the lights dimmed away left with nothing to say

but the pain on your face such a mortal disgrace

rise above the lament such a useless torment

(Lyrics – Speed of Sound) circa mid-2000s