Pick Up the Phone

Tell me one thing / Lead me astray
How can I trust you / I just don’t know
Promises, promises / Never ending lies
Too many faces, you’re the star of the show

Straighten up my act / Start a clean slate
Nothing to you / I’m a beggar in the street
Death or dishonor / Which do I prefer?
Changes daily, depends on who I meet…

*But if you wanna know, pick up the phone

Silly little girls / just flocking around
Don’t know what they’re in for / Doesn’t seem they care
Spread legs and diseases like some fucking joke
Left with nothing but eternal nightmare…

Lock it up, spit it out, shake it down, move along

Can’t lie to me / about your life
My love and your shame expose all truth
Metal turns to ash in a passionate blaze
Won’t die for hate or the dollar sign
I’ll never be a slave / to a corporate regime

And if you still wanna know, pick up the phone…