Social Climber

So now you walk / you talk / see you make your friends
so you seek / you meet / you’re tying your ends
While you lick / you suck / still bending down
Rise above / be the queen / wear the fucking crown

*Social Climber / what ya think you did it for
Social Climber / did you really deserve more
Social Climber / I know what you did it for
Social Climber / you’re nothing but a corporate whore

So you deal / you kneel / before the plastic gods
Be wise / you’ll climb / and you’ll beat the odds
Now flaunt your status / give yourdelf a gift
Every person that you step on / gives your soul a lift

Now you rise / you climb / just soaring high
Just looking and laughing at the little flies…
just look at them… so puny…so worthless…
Why do they stare? Why should you care?
You’re so much better… Aren’t you…

You / don’t understand this life
You / don’t understand this strife
You / don’t understand this pain
All you understand is gain!