Weakness of mind, pain in spirit, searching to free you of your insecurities

Wanting to feel like you are someone, but you can’t find that person behind the walls…


What have you done, you took the love and left it lying

Down in the hole hoping there you wouldn’t be reminded

You are so lost cut the ties like some cancer

Numbing your pain in the arms of another fool


Here it is in a nutshell, in with the pigs you’re gonna wallow

Let me say you’re as deep as a thimble

How can you be so fucking shallow?

Oh god it hit me like a bomb blast, how can you be so soulless and hollow

Let me say your words are worthless

How can you be so fucking shallow?


I see you’re grasping at threads weaving together your worthless life

Years have passed you could have changed

Look at you now you’re exactly the same

Finding your peace at the bottom of a bottle

Claiming your worth with a man in your bed


My pain is gone I can be free now

The only feelings left are feelings of pity

Sorrow for you in your search for yourself

Someday you might find her out in the cold

Alone and sad with no one to hold

(lyrics/stream) circa 1990s