Poison like the viper there’s a sniper on the rooftop

Breaking like a chain under strain watch the ball drop

Watching as the ocean comes to boil stained with oil

As if the sun breaks from the sky run and hide from this mankind

Erosion eats the shore ask for more be the whore

Seeing eyes are blind from behind you’re all the same

Looking glass is cracked cards are stacked this is the last game

It’s all coming up roses just ask Moses maybe pharaoh

Dogs head in his gold the sea close the road is narrow


Find out that this something turned to nothing in that moment

You weren’t watching what was coming now it hit you pulled you under

And now wonder why be waiting for the thunder counting raindrops falling harder making music on the starlight is it shining brightly lighting up this darkness as the frogs begin their songs to the moonshine on the water watch the glimmer as the daughter of the night bird begins her sleeping beneath the trees she’s slowly wakened by the sound of many voices over hilltops to the city see the neon soft and dirty showing faces in the alleys supper trash and gutter wine but what is it off in the distance other lives that have their own the love the pain the hate comes back its haunting melody plays over the wind carried far and spread as plague the world wars within itself as we now stand with bag in hand to pass it on to younger lives and they now grow to be as one same mistakes made over again off up away into the stars will welcome us with arms outstretched then poison we will the new dawn.

(stream) circa 1990s