Walk the street at night and think it’s all right

Dance until you freak and then it’s out of sight

Slither like the snake (but) you make your money right


You know talk is cheap

What does a dollar buy

A whisper and a peek

And so the day goes on

Another dollar earned

Another hundred in the bank

Another page is turned

In your life no turning back


Long gone are the days in the time when you were young

Just a baby girl freckles curls another world

What did your mother say grow up to be a star one day

Or did she cut you down cut you down cut you down

What did your father do on top of you it can’t be true


Climb up out of the hole

Where you keep your soul

Far away as now

So you just lost control

A smile and a wink

Oh god what should you think

I’ve looked at the clock and I’ve heard it say

Can you see time fly on the wings of the day

That is passing you by while you sit and you pray

For what’s better will come

What’s worse passed away

Has the sleep come too late

(stream of con) circa late-1990s