You Don’t Know

You… don’t know
So listen now, listen here to what I’m trying to say

Open your eyes, is what you see
Just a dream or reality?
Look around like you’re in a daze
Walk around like you’re gonna find your way

You look around, but you’re blind
So it’s here you stay

The words are there but you won’t read
The signs are flashing, you don’t take heed
This thing is dying, you’re watching it bleed
But still you’re standing there cryin ’bout what you need

Start giving back, give it back
Before it’s taken away

So sad, so lost, so alone / I think the pain is showing
So sad, so lost, so alone / I think it’s time I’m going… Home

As I wake, I rise up from my pillow
I hear some noise, outside my window
Scores of people gather, children crying
What’s the scene, it sounds like hope is dying

As I start to yell outside my window
My voice is seized, just left in limbo
See the faces filled with blank gazes
As if to speak, of their own amazement

Now we’ve reached the ending to our story
And now we know, it’s just like history
If we don’t learn, we’re doomed just to repeat it
And those mistakes, they will soon deplete us

Gonna defeat us, beat us, eat us, leave us dead

And still you…. don’t know.