Taken & Wasted

Forget your worries / Forget your woes / Your eyes are blurry / with all your foes
Strong become weak in, immortal fire / Demented ideals become, your desire

When death, rings the bell, to signify the last round
It’s the long blast of trumpets, that sound… Can’t you hear that sound!

Long last end, of your world, that was destined to fall
It’s just now that you realize, how can this be all
Hear the silent children, sob themselves to sleep
With no gifts to give them, how expensive, how cheap
Fantasies dreaming, as the day sleeping on
Drinking on the moon, a dance on the sun, on the sun

Pleased to have known you, my friend, my lover
So many uncharted worlds, to discover
Doom in the air, jet black as her hair
The gas, the needle, or electric chair

*If it’s so damn easy why so many tears
It’s just the time you’ve taken and wasted
Thru the years, all those years

Don’t ask me why there’s so many tears that are
Taken & wasted thru the years
Don’t ask me why there’s so many tears that I’ve
Taken & wasted all these years

One thing that everyone knows / It’s always the ones we love, we oppose
Who do you oppose?
Cry me a river, I’ll swim in your ocean / Don’t hate me too much, it’s only a notion