Behind the Eight

Rack em up did you see that stack

A monkey on her back I don’t want none of that

So fine am I doing time with a bitch that’s on the line

I won’t be picking up that slack


So right but it’s oh so wrong, see how she lays it down

Get this hook out of my mouth

All stained feeling shackled and confined

Take the chains off my legs remove the needle from my brain


Behind the eight take the shot believe it or not

You might just make it

Behind the eight losing your mind check the time

It’s not that late yet

Behind the eight

Don’t choke

What is it you see through your eyes of blue

If the sun did shine it might not shine on you


What is it you hear through the sound of pain

If the rain did fall it might not fall on you


What is it you feel through your heart of glass


If I spoke in rhyme would it ease your mind

Would it take you back to the things you left behind

a world so small

what if

it couldn’t fit us all

crammed against a wall

numbers in a book

fish caught on a hook

(lyric/stream) circa late-1990s