Cold & Hard

Why won’t you look at me, are you afraid of what you’re going to see

Why won’t you speak with me, are you afraid of what you’re about to hear

I’ll give you something to fear


The things I know about… you

Why wouldn’t you… tell the truth

Filling my head with lies


Why won’t you be with me, are you afraid of what you’re going to feel

Why won’t you come with me, are you afraid it’s gonna be all too real

Cold and hard

You tore me apart


Waiting in the cold, waiting for a soul

Did I find you in another mans arms

Was it one time should have known from the start

Wish I would but don’t think I could

It’s that time again, I know it’s come down to the wire

the phone keeps ringing never ceasing as I proceed to perspire

if she calls me to threaten her destiny will compassion hold true

or will I be crushed beneath tons of guilt

why can’t I just tell he we’re through

when I run to you, you treat me like a fool

then I cry for you but you play it so damn cool

so then I leave you in a fury you say baby don’t you worry

we got no time to hurry but I can’t wait for you

I got too many better things to do

I won’t wait for you I’m going away I don’t care about you

(lyrics/stream) circa late-2000s