Ruination (Should Be Leaving)

Has it been so long since you had a feeling

Then why is it so hard to look into the mirror

All the time I try to forget, the thoughts invade my mind

As the walls cave in my soul is in flames the stars fall from the sky


Don’t look at me you won’t know what you’re seeing

Don’t cry to me because it’s time I should be leaving


Mind over matter drowning in a sea of discontent

Closer and closer every step I take gets nearer the edge

So much farther from the place I used to call my home

One step over… I’m gone


See the years, the years flash by like lights on the freeway

Look at all, at all the wasted time you’ve let slip by

As the liquid breeze blows through my hair

Sense and sight become aware

Mind and soul intermingle as one

Flying through the stars to the back of the sun


Speaking your mind about love and war

Please don’t tell me about it I can’t take anymore

Intergalactic reality just comes to life

Light speed travel not so out of sight


(lyrics/stream) circa late-2000s