Writing stretching back into the late 80’s and early 90’s. Mostly stream of conciousness and some words that made it into songs at some point.

Take My Wings

You’ll find it in there sleeping in silence Drifting far from the conscious balance Forlorn and love lost if only you’d listen To be free of the maze it traps you and taunts you Turning

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Distracted by what you see Distracted by what you feel Distracted by the sounds you hear Distracted by the disenchantment Distracted by the overwhelming sense of loss Distracted by the poisonous words Distracted by the

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I Think of You

Sensible, non-nonsensical Soluble, non-malleable Manageable, incomprehensible   The need to displace the poison, a reason to look for the meaning That feeling to open emotions, those eyes reflecting devotion No pushing or pulling just being,

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